Book Clubs

I love book clubs. There’s always something to learn—even about my own work—a perspective I haven’t considered, from the lively, wide-ranging discussions.

My novel, Tell Anna She’s Safe, owes its very publication to a book club I used to be part of, which kindly read and critiqued the unpublished manuscript. What I wasn’t expecting was that fellow member Luciana Ricciutelli,  who also happened to be editor-in-chief of Inanna Publications, would come to the meeting with an offer to publish… So book clubs have a special place in my heart. And so does Luciana, who, sadly and unexpectedly, died in December 2020.

Now that my memoir Tumblehome: One Woman’s Canoeing Adventures in the Divine Near Wilderness has tumbled into the world—and the world has opened up again—I would be happy to visit your book club, either in person or through a virtual platform if in-person isn’t possible due to distance or other factors that shall remain nameless… And I’m always keen to talk about Tell Anna. There are stories behind the stories in both works that are fair game for quizzing the author on. Just click here for my contact info.


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