Brenda Missen - Book Clubs

Warming up with booksIs your book club interested in reading Tell Anna She's Safe? Would you like to find out more about the story behind the story? Quizz the author on what's fact and what's fiction? Learn about the excruciatingly long writing process that brought this book into being? I would be happy to come to your book club meeting to answer these or any other questions. Just click here to contact me.

Getting to book clubs in Ontario is relatively easy. But don't hesitate even if you're in another province (or beyond). I'm always looking for new places to visit. I'll be in Calgary for at least one book club the week of September 5 and would be happy to add more to my itinerary. There's also a possibility I'll be going on from Calgary to Vancouver.

If I can't get to your book club in person, I'd be happy to join you via Skype. I had a very fun "virtual" meeting with Julia and her fellow book club members in Vancouver in early April. Gotta hand it to modern technology, eh?

I love book clubs. I finally found one in my own neighbourhood a few years ago — the Rapid Readers (a reference to the rapids downriver from my house). I like the way my literary horizons are broadened with book selections I might not have picked up on my own. Not to mention the awesome food everyone brings to our potluck suppers. And there's always something I learn, a perspective I haven't considered, from our always lively—and often wide-ranging!—discussions.

The same holds true for my own novel: I've learned a lot about Tell Anna She's Safe from readers in the book clubs I've attended so far. Tell Anna, incidentally, owes its very publication to my book club, which kindly read and critiqued the unpublished manuscript. What I wasn't expecting was that fellow member Luciana Ricciutelli, who also happens to be editor-in-chief of Inanna Publications, would come to the meeting with an offer to publish... So book clubs have a special place in my heart.